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Quality Construction & Materials

At W oolywagonss in Russiaville, Indiana, our goal is to provide quality, safe products that are enjoyable, functional, for your personal or business purposes. . We use only the best materials when building our wagons, ensuring you can take your wagon wherever your path leads.

What to Look For

When searching for an aluminum wagon, take into account the size and thickness of the aluminum used. Inspect the quality of the welds. With us, you can rest assured that our research and design results in a wagon you'll be proud to own, giving you a enjoyment, unique space for your next family gathering, tailgate, hoedown, or shindig

Lasting Quality

Never deal with rust or rot. Aluminum doesn't rust like steel, and, with no rust, your W oolywagons will not stain. It will continue looking great with very little maintenance for many years. If 25 years from now, you want to replace the siding finishes, the durable aluminum framing will still be there standing strong.

Lightweight Design

In this day of higher gas prices, many people like hauling with smaller vehicles that have a lower tow capacity. The weight of the trailer is important to keep the total weight in a safe range for many vehicles.

Even if you aren't limited by the capacity of your tow vehicle, why pull more weight than you have to? The more weight you pull, the lower your gas mileage and higher the resulting expenses. The lower weight also makes it easier to move the wagon. Wood wheels are not recommend for automotive pull highway use.

Contact us in Russiaville, Indiana, to take off into the great unknown with your unique custom W oolywagons.