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Durable Roofing

Multi-Purpose Panel

Your roof not only keeps you dry, but also provides insulation and protection. We use strong, ribbed, 26 to 29-gauge panels that are made from tough, construction-grade steel. The MP-panel is economical and often used in residential, industrial, and commercial structures. We use it for our wagons, because it is stronger and thicker than most other materials, improving insulation. The ribbed exterior causes water runoff and prevents pooling, rusting, and leaks. It also allows our spray foam insulation a solid surface to adhere to providing a very solid structure tying the (3) components together (Roofing, aluminum frame, Insulation) which provides a monolithic type structure giving the wagon exceptional strength.

Metal Roofing Panels

Tough steel construction makes the MP Panel an economical yet durable metal roofing or metal siding solution for residential, industrial and commercial structures. 26 or 29 gauge.

Why use Metal ribbed panel it’s a stringer ? Creates a thicker cavities for insulation creating a larger R factor. Water Flow, Water tight.